Big-data analysis

SOC provides analytical tools to help you manage large volumes of data from a variety of frequently distributed sources within your organisation.

With its unique indexing solutions, SOC offers tools for analysing and enhancing data from logs, metrics, applications, external data sources, intelligent devices and IT infrastructure. Once indexed, the data is aggregated and then, automatically processed and visualised using real-time histograms, graphs and maps. Using advanced solutions such as dynamic infographics or geospatial visualisations, the data is easily used to detect anomalies in the organisational structure and to investigate the underlying cause.

Problem → Solution


  • Management and optimisation of large amounts of corporate data measured in seconds

  • Security analysis of applications, IT infrastructure and intelligent devices

  • Impact analysis of the application's performance on the organisation

  • Analysis and visualisation of geolocation data

  • Event logs analysis

Case Studies

Pharmaceutical industry

The promotion department works with customers in the field using the CLM tool, in which the meetings are reported. In addition, the customer receives external data which helps to define users profile. The task includes integration, briefing and preparation for continuous reporting, along with anomalies detection. The provided information helps in the assesment preparation of assessment and recommendations for individual department employees of the department.