Field Service Management

We ensure the management and quality control of subcontractors and internal IT support departments providing customer service.

Our intelligent analytical algorithms allow us to reduce the service request response time to a minimum and automatically assign it to a technician in the shortest possible time. The geolocation services provided by SOC also allow you to identify and visualise real-time failures to effectively manage your infrastructure, applications and intelligent devices. Travel optimisation algorithms allow the technician to set the shortest travel time to the point of failure, allocating only those requests that have a direct impact on the operation of the service.

Problem → Solution


  • Management and quality control of subcontractors and internal customer support departments

  • Reduction of response time to service requests

  • Reduction of technicians' downtime

  • Travel optimisation during disaster recovery

  • Elimination of costly information noise

  • Reduction of the number of service visits

Case Studies

Energy sector

The process of optimization of IT support teams was carried out for a client from the energy sector. Thanks to the implemented optimization processes and automatic service repairs execution using intelligent algorithms, 182 workstations dealing with maintenance of IT services in the customer's branches were optimized, while maintaining service quality

Mining company

The mining company has a fleet of smart metering technicians in the far north. The main problem was the travel time to remote measuring stations, which took about 2-3 days. Thanks to FSM tools, intelligent algorithms and scripts, up to 80% of failures occurring at remote metering stations have been removed, therefore reducing the number of visits to the stations. Additionally, thanks to SOC monitoring platform, the number of power failures was reduced by 60%. Fuel status and battery charge management were applied. When the acceptable fuel level and battery charge thresholds are exceeded, information about the demand is automatically sent to the supplier.