Real-time Infrastructure Monitoring

We provide remote monitoring of your infrastructure, regardless of the size and client network complexity.

With the use of intelligent algorithms, we focus on the weak points of the network, completely eliminating them and making the customer's environment more secure and predictable. Our control mechanisms allow you to protect your network against potential violations by keeping you informed of such attempts.

Problem → Solution


  • Increase the data analysis efficiency to understand the use of tools and equipment

  • Applied solutions impact analysis on increasing organization efficiency

  • Increase productivity, safety and working environment friendliness

  • Employee effectiveness improvement, which has a direct impact on the company's productivity

  • Increase in the availability of infrastructure, applications and organisational processes

  • Analysis of IT environment maintenance costs

Case Studies

Sea Transport

The customer is an international forwarding company providing transport services. The client needed a solution to monitor the IT infrastructure and the parameters of intelligent devices supervising the containers transported by ships from the consingment port to their destination. RTIM solutions provided by the SOC allowed us to precisely determine the current location on the mapin real time. They also provided support for service calls from intelligent devices controlling temperature and humidity sent to ship maintenance. Costs associated with container downtime inports were reduced by 30%, service repairs of smart metering devices for tuning temperature and humidity parameters of containers were reduced by 70%. All this was possible thanks to writing algorithms that are automatically activated in case of failure

Telecom Services

Leading provider of mobile infrastructure in the region. The main problems were the choice of a solution for monitoring IT and mobile infrastructure. RTIM enabled full control of IT infrastructure and base station devices from a single customer operating center. The number of business-critical failures was reduced by 35% thanks to automatically executed intelligent algorithms solving failures remotely. Automatic network discovery algorithms also allowed for efficient and automated asset management, ensuring that the customer has full control over the complete IT environment.

Clothing industry

A client from the clothing industry was looking for a solution for remote monitoring of IT infrastructure in its branches. The client's main problem was the lack of a centralized solution for monitoring IT infrastructure in several hundred branches scattered across the country. RTIM solutions allowed to build an operating center at the customer's premises and use them for remote management of workstations and providing IT monitoring of these devices in a consolidated manner. In addition, the customer optimized the number of people in the support center by effectively using resources for the number of failures in its branches.

Automotive industry

A client from the automotive industry was looking for a centralised solution to manage IT infrastructure. The client's main problem was having several monitoring systems that were not integrated with each other. As a result, the client incurred high operating costs due to maintaining highly specialised technicians in a given monitoring solution. Real-time infrastructure monitoring allowed to replace the existing monitoring systems with 1 coherent and efficient system. Thanks to this, the client significantly reduced the costs associated with operational service and optimised the resources in its support center.