SOC-based Backend Solutions

We create backend solutions you can rely on at any time and scale. We work with global suppliers of cloud services - their quality and reputation is the basis for the quality of our products.

We offer ready-to-use or tailor-made backend solutions that deliver customer and industry-specific functionality. Our solutions are prepared to work with web and mobile applications via well-documented API endpoints. Thanks to the use of modern programming and organizational solutions, we help to take data management solutions to the next level. Our range of services includes: cloud storage, push notifications, user and file management, location services, and authentication management as well as many other specific backend solutions.

As a Service Operations Centre we have all tools and solutions to "inherently" monitor delivered backend services using automated RTIM algorithms. The data collected are ready for the BDA analysis. All tickets are processed and resolved by our specialists using FSM solutions.

Problem → Solution


  • Fully scalable and secure solutions to support your business

  • No need to maintain your own backend support team

  • Monitoring of infrastructure on which backend services are maintained

  • Problem detection and automatic transfer to Animativ SOC support department

  • SLA adjusted to your business needs

  • Our offer includes ready-made backend solutions for reuse or adaptation

Case Studies

Pharmaceutical industry

A global pharmaceutical corporation with offices around the world has commissioned a solution for cataloguing and promoting medical digital solutions to all employees. The project included integration with a centralized authentication system and creation of a database of all implemented digital solutions. Users can subscribe to specific topics to receive information about new deployments and can contact their owner to discuss possible re-use. The system automatically monitors and reminds the recipient on behalf of the user about unanswered queries.

Financial sector

We created and have been maintaining a cost document workflow solution with integration with third party systems in the client's company. The system stores information about each cost document issued by subcontractors. Document workflow depends on the type of document, the cost amount and the type of purchased product and service. Documents are introduced into the system with the use of OCR solutions and visual analysis. Applied machine learning functions recognize and automatically classify repetitive documents. Thanks to the integration with the accounting system, the solution automatically books documents to appropriate accounts and projects. Transfer orders are also prepared automatically, which - depending on the amount and reputation of the contractor - are executed automatically or after obtaining the required confirmations of the company's management board members.

Online voting

We provide a platform for secret ballots for company supervisory and management boards. Voting takes place in real time with the use of one-time codes delivered to the voters in the form of e-mails, text messages or secret envelopes. The platform allows each person to cast a vote only once. The real time voting supervisory body gets live information about the attendance of the ballot. Such a solution allows us to achieve a much higher turnout than the threshold set by the company's management board and legal regulations - regardless of the number of company branches.

Cinema industry

We have a complete backend solution for booking and selling tickets. We support both single sports and entertainment events, as well as permanent facilities, such as cinemas and theatres. Our solution supports social media authentication. As part of the service, we maintain a database of events, shows and available seats together with prices and special discounts. We also store user profiles, their reservations and purchased tickets. The system is integrated with the online payment system and the e-mail and SMS notification system. It offers full support for integration with entrance gates, ticket vending machines and digital signange solutions.

Pharmaceutical industry

We implemented and have been maintaining an automated solution for medical waste utilization. The solution covers the entire utilization process: it accepts customer requests, automatically plans optimal daily routes for drivers, manages the waste storage facility, registers the utilization which completes the process. The solution conducts automatic settlements with customers and is fully compatible with the requirements of the government agency controlling the utilization process.