Transition and Transformation

Transition and transformation with proven management practices, tools and standardised methods help reduce risk, time and effort associated with the transfer to a new service provider.

Our methodology is critical to a company's short- and long-term success through detailed planning and thorough implementation of business processes. It will also optimise investments in people, processes and technologies.

Problem → Solution


  • Management and optimisation of large amounts of corporate data measured in seconds

  • Security analysis of applications, IT infrastructure and intelligent devices

  • Impact analysis of the application's performance on the organisation

  • Analysis and geolocation data visualisation

  • Analysis and events logging


Case Studies

Energy sector

The process of optimization of IT support teams was carried out for a client from the energy sector. Thanks to the implemented optimization processes and automatic service repairs execution using intelligent algorithms, 182 workstations dealing with maintenance of IT services in the customer's branches were optimized, while maintaining service quality

Manufacturing industry

A client from the manufacturing industry was interested in optimizing the call centers and centralizing the monitoring solution. As a result of the delivered solution and optimization of business processes, local support centres for service requests concerning IT infrastructure (HelpDesk, Back Office) were eliminated and these services were transferred to one operational centre on a national scale. As a result, 62 people working in local support centres were reduced while maintaining the provided services quality. Additionally, by introducing FSM optimization solutions (recurring problems reduction, subcontractor management), subcontractor costs were reduced by $1.2 million per year.